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The Art Of Cunnilingus (Eating Pussy)Perhaps the job of illustrating fiction of the new type, together with the new availability of foreign-derived representational and spatial techniques, provided inspiration and enabling conditions for the creation of a new type of erotic picture series, one comparable to the new fiction in the effects attempted and the expressive depths achieved. The secret play on a spring night that the late erotic art of chou fang collector zhang chou, as related above, took to be a work by the eighthcentury master zhou fang, was a single group composition in handscroll form. Zhou lived in the Tang capital of Chang'anwhich is now modern Xi'anduring the 8th century. Both are supported by women servants: one of these pushes the emperor from behind, two more stand beside Yang Guifei, one of them leaning over to provide a backrest for her, while a fourth stands behind her chair to steady it. Be very careful not to abuse this privilege, and make slight causes the grounds of your exceptions. In erotic art of chou fang projects Wikimedia Commons.
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JoJosho 28.05.2020
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